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Sherborne Abbey
England's finest abbey. Founded in 998, it has a 12th century core but is mostly 15th century. Supreme fan vaulting, sit and admire it!
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Forde Abbey
Founded in 1138. Moved into Dorset from Devon in 1843.
Just when you think you're lost, there it is. Go there.
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Cerne Abbey
Benedictine monastery founded c.987

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  Milton Abbey
Founded in 934 by King Athelstan.
Approached from the west on a sunny afternoon, one of the finest sights in England.
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Christchurch Priory
Formerly in Hampshire, Christchurch is now in Dorset.
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Wimborne Minster
Founded c.705. Ethelred, died 772, was supposedly buried here in Dorset's second church. It has a nice chained library.
Founded in about 1000 as Abodesbury by the priest Bertulfus, with the ancient abbey built by Orc of the house of Canute. Mostly destroyed in the Civil War, there remains today a large barn, walls and a gatehouse as relics of the Benedictine establishment.
  Shaftesbury Abbey
Founded in 888 by Alfred as a Benedictine nunnery, with his daughter Ethelgiva in charge, it acquired extensive land and became very wealthy. The remains of Edward the Martyr were removed from Wareham to here. Now only foundations and a few fragments of wall survive.
Bindon Abbey
Bindon was a Cistercian abbey. A 1720 account has:

Bindon, founded about A.D.1172 by Roger de Newburgh and Maud his wife, Countess of Salisbury, who endowed it with divers Lands, and dedicated it to the Virgin Mary. Divers others were benefactors to it. All whose gifts Henry III confirmed to the Church of St. Mary of Bynedone, and the Monks of it. The Founder granted to the Abbot and Monks a power to chuse whom they would for their Patron; whereupon they chose King Henry III and Eleanor his Queen their patrons, and they accordingly took upon them the protection of this Abbey A.D.1272.

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