hit the SOLVE button then click each square to type in the letters of your answer.
1. When farmers don't drive tractors, they might drive these!
5. You might find some of this at Sandbanks!
6. Plenty of this on Dorset's dry fields.
7. The first thing children learn to do with two numbers.
8. What Dorset children call their Mothers nowadays.
11. What you do wearing goggles, wetsuit and flippers.
12. For example, the four of clubs.
13. The pigsty door should always be like this.

1. A secret way of sending a message.
2. People like lifeboatmen who save lives.
3. Old name for Swanage!
4. Strange or unusual (like the Londoner in Dorset).
9. What happens to the plough blade if it hits a big rock.
10. The lowest or highest card in a pack.