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DON'T let children have amalgam fillings!!
Web Medical Library, Start here.
Health Authority warning
Interesting unbiased article
British Dental Association (must we prove amalgam is harmful?)
Very comprehensive article (150 references)

Bad old flu! Good article

M.E. (aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Lyme Disease, read the patient stories here, you won't regret it!, The Lyme disease network online, the main place to look!!, Lots of links here, EU Concerted action on Lyme Borreliosis, American Forces Press service - interesting short article, Good Dog magazine - stuff about dogs, medical journal abstract, medical journal abstract, Research on Chronic Lyme Disease, news about vaccine, vaguely interesting article, interesting article, interesting article

Lactose/Milk product allergies, lactose etc allergies ie. no milk today!! loads of links

Crohn's disease, all the links you'll ever need!, for colitis and Crohn's disease, recent stuff on links to milk

Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Academic base (CF Info-Zone)

gastrointestinal disorders

Lupus, article, article

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