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Dorset is in red! Dorset is a county in the south of England. It has no motorways and lots of beautiful places. Dorsetshire is the old name for the county, as the map, a 1650 copy of John Speed's work by Dutchman Jan Jansson, shows. It formed part of 'The Old West Saxons' which became known as Wessex. In Dorset one finds places like Ryme Intrinseca, Peaceful Lane, Knacker's Hole and Dirty Gate. Ramble through this site, look at the old maps and especially if you live in Dorset compare earlier maps with today. Enjoy the William Barnes poetry and the Dorset dialect. Do you have any good stories or photographs of people/places? Request a page or map about your area of Dorset.
Have you rummaged about in the Dorsetshire archive yet? Try it!
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Support local producers not Tesco shareholders. Get vegetables that are as fresh as homegrown. There are many good organic producers in Dorset. Cheeses, sausages, pickles, wine, cordials, honey, fudge, lamb chops, organic veg, yogurts, fruit....
Also get these at steam fairs, cheese festivals etc.
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