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Artists want their work presented on the internet but they don't want to spend a long time designing a site, or learning website design. They do want to be able to keep their site up to date and they don't want to spend a lot of money on it.

Welcome to Artists Websites, the solution for Dorset Artists.

Artists control the images and text on each page, using's unique content management system. No technical knowledge is needed. Receive visitor feedback email direct from the site. The benefit to artists of this innovation means the only charge is for processing your images whether you supply them or we scan or photograph them. There is no ongoing hosting or maintenance charge.
Recently added is the ability to have links to external sites, for example your Ebay shop, on each page separately or common across the site. See Elaine's site for an example.

Artists get their own unique website address:

The system was originally developed for one artist. Elaine Collett, in order to give her more control over the grouping of images and upkeep of her site.

<<click here>> for Elaine's site.

Artists use a special website, the
<<Artists Admin Page>>
to control exactly what their site looks like, the images and text that appear. Help is quickly available and the system can be changed where artists bring up issues that need attention or would benefit everyone. No technical knowledge is needed to use the special website.

Another site has been prepared as an example to illustrate the system and to give Artists the opportunity to try it out for themselves. It is the site of Pablo Picasso,


The annotated screenshot below introduces some of the choices the Artist can make so that their website suits their work and their internet audience.

If you would like a chance to try out the system and edit Picasso's website, please contact us by email using the enquiries link at the bottom or by telephone on 01258472844 or 07787521319. We'll give you the password for the Artists Admin page, Picasso's userid is pic

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