Maiden Castle, Dorchester
This is an impressive prehistoric site first occupied by Stone Age then Iron Age Britons. Once the Romans invaded and established Durnovaria (Roman name for Dorchester) closer to the river, it was deserted. It covers over 100 acres.
     Ancient Sites
  • Ackling Dyke
  • Badbury Rings
  • Bindon Hill
  • Came Wood
  • Cerne Giant
  • Chalbury
  • Dorchester
  • Dorset Cursus
  • Eggardon
  • Hambledon Hill
  • Hengistbury Head
  • Hod Hill
  • Jordan Hill
  • Kingston Russell
  • Knowlton Circles
  • Martin's Down
  • Nine Stones
  • Oakley Down
  • Pilsdon Pen
  • Pimperne
  • Spettisbury Rings
  • Wareham
  • Winterbourne Poor Lot
  • Woolsbarrow

Cerne Abbas
Carved in the side of Trundle hill to the north of the village is the 180-foot tall giant, probably Romano-British rather than Bronze Age. The chalk lines are two feet wide and the club 40 yards long. The expression "fertility symbol" applies well here. There is a car park/picnic site close to the foot of the hill, with a good view.
Badbury Rings
A neolithic camp and close to the Roman centre of Vindogladia. This view dates from about 1950.
Maumbury Rings
a.k.a. Roman Amphitheatre at Dorchester.
Right a print from 1750.
Below excavated 1908-1912.

Hambledon Hill
A neolithic hill fort just south-east of Child Okeford in the centre of North Dorset. Some of this has been preserved as pasture and is always open to walkers. Some of it has been ploughed up. There is a (rare) yew wood on the south side. Occupied by the Dorset Clubmen resisting the Parliamentary forces during the Civil War.
Hod Hill
Near Child Okeford, a neolithic hill fort with a Roman camp inside (this was quite unusual). A century ago excavations revealed quantities of coins (shortly to be shown here) and metal detectors are banned by the National Trust.
The 1935 map shows its commanding position.
Saxon rampart at Wareham

Rawlsbury Camp

Poundbury (Pomery) Camp
Site of a Roman burial ground just above the River Frome west of Dorchester. This is north of the Duchy of Cornwall's development of Poundbury village.