This is a list of the 28 hundred names from the Morden map of 1695. The term 'hundred' was used in the Domesday book for administrative areas in each shire, larger than parishes. It was the area notionally supporting a hundred families. There were 28 hundreds in Dorsetshire and 715 in England. The main town/village is sometimes ambiguous; for a key to old place names please visit the placenames page, or for more detail the Domesday Places page.

** Robert Morden appears to have swapped Whitway and Whitechurch hundreds

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The old maps have been trimmed to show each hundred more clearly and to reduce download time.
Dorsetshire Hundreds
Saxon name name of hundred main town/village
name Upwimborn Shaftesbury
name Red Lane Sturmister
name Brownsel Stalbridg
Newentona Newton Sturminster Newton
Haltone ** Whitway Middleton
Sireburna Sherborn Sherborn
Ethminstre Yetminster Yeatminster
Tolreforda Tollerford Evershot
name Totcomb Cerne
Dorecestra George Dorchester
Pideltona Puddleton Puddleton
name Bere Bere
name Cramborn Cramborn
name Pimperne Blanford
Chenoltuna Knowlton Knolton
name Badbury Wimborn-Minster
Cocdena Cogdean Poole
Cereberga Rushmore Warham
name Ugscomb Abbotsbury
name Culliford Weymouth
name Eggerton Frampton
name Winfrith Winfrith
Haselora Hasler Corfe
Aileveswoda Rowbarrow Sandwich
Witcherca ** Whitechurch Lime
name Bemister Bemister
name Goderthorn Bridport
name Redhoaue Mosterne