There are maps from various mapmakers from c. 1627 through to 1935, of the whole county as well as areas and towns. If you don't see what you want, please ask.
Please contact us if you have an old map of Dorset to sell or let us scan (a fee is paid). Old names are used where recognisable, see the placenames page on this site

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This is by Peter Keer (1627)
Jan Jansson's copy of John Speed's Dorsetshire map. Published in 1646. Jansson was a leading Dutch cartographer and publisher.

There is a nice image of John Speed's Dorsetshire map at the following site:
1650 Map (entire county)
Small (76kb)
Map on home page (95kb)
larger (101kb)
a bit larger (165kb)
larger (179kb)
bit larger (315kb)
Even larger (532kb)
1650 Maps (by town)
Page with all 21 maps below (629kb)
Axminster Beaminster Blackmore Vale
Blandford Brownsea I. Bridport
Cranborne Dorchester Gillingham
Lyme Milton Abbas Poole
Portland Shaftesbury Sherborne
Sturminster Swanage Wareham
Weymouth Wimborne
Robert Morden's map. Approximately 1695. This is a beautiful map, with the ancient 'hundreds' marked. (see hundreds page). The first map to feature along the border the minutes relative to St. Paul's Cathedral ('Minuits of Time').
1695 Map
North-East (89kb)
North-West (95kb)
South-East (81kb)
South-West (75kb)
1695 Maps (details)
NE: medium large
NW: medium large
SE: medium large
SW: medium large
The River Stour and areas surrounding several towns & villages from Robert Morden's map. Approximately 1695. For help with the old names click here
River Stour
Overall view
North: small medium large
Central: small medium large
East: medium large
Blanford Bridport Cranborn
Dorchester Evershot Gillingham
Lime Pool Portland
Shaftsbury Sherborn Sturmister
Sandwich Weymouth Wimborn
The Robert Morden small map, said to be scarce.
1700 small Map (entire county)
small 88kb       medium 152kb
Francis Grose's map. Originally drawn in 1695 by John Seller, Grose modified the plates and used the map in his large work 'The Antiquities of England and Wales'.
1695 Map (entire county)
small 60kb
John Cary's map. From 'The Traveller's Companion' 1792. Note the unusual orientation. Also the part of west Dorsetshire around Stockland (at the top) is shown as entirely separate. The two mail coach routes are marked in green. Coaching inns are also marked as transport was increasing rapidly at the time.
1790 Map (entire county)
small 60kb
larger 207kb
large 429kb
R. Creighton's map for Lewis' topographical dictionary. Approximately 1830. Appeared in Samuel Lewis's 'Topographical Dictionary of England' published in 1831.
1830 Map (entire county)
small 63kb
medium 108kb
large 469kb   300dpi 1.6Mb
Thomas Moule's map approximately 1840. This copy not recently hand-coloured like many one sees. In the bottom left-hand corner there is a nice view of Shaftesbury with an image of the seal of St. Edwards' Abbey. At the top-left there is an image of the seal of Abbotsbury Abbey. The shaded areas are the estates of many of Dorsetshire's great houses; identification of them all (with the aid of this page) is left as an exercise for the reader.
From 'The English Counties Delineated' published in several editions 1837-1850.
1840 Map (entire county)
small 107kb
medium 184kb
large 332kb
Joshua Archer's map. Approximately 1860, steel engraving.
1860 Map (entire county)
small 26kb
medium 53kb
large 131kb
Bartholomew's 1935 map. widely used by cyclists and motorists.
1935 S & D Railway Route Maps
Poole Canford
Spetisbury Blandford
Shillingstone Sturminster
1935 Maps
Portland   Weymouth
Wimborne   Okeford
Sturminster Newton
Blandford   Wareham
others in preparation
92 kb
165 kb
751 kb
Bournemouth 1900 town map. From Branksome in the west to just past Boscombe pier in the east. Note the Dorset/Hampshire county boundary cutting the old railway line to Bournemouth West station. If you live in Bournemouth it might be interesting to compare 100 years on! Selected parts of the map can be supplied in greater detail if required.
53 kb
85 kb
352 kb
54 kb
93 kb
395 kb