Several of the 'Domesday landowners' held parts of Wimborne. They included The King, Queen Matilda, an anonymous Priest, the Church of St. Mary of Cranbourne, the Church of St. Mary of Wilton and the Earl of Moreton.
Domesday Book, Wimborne entries English translation of Wimborne entries  
land owned by The King
land owned by Queen Matilda, described as owned by The King
11 houses owned by an anonymous Priest
land owned by the Abbey of Wilton
land owned by Robert

The old administrative area of Badbury hundred included Wimborne. See the hundreds page for more details.

Jan Jansson, c.1650
Robert Morden, c.1695

R. Creighton (c.1830)

John Cary

Bartholomew 1935

Wimborne Minster, 1787    [click to enlarge]
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