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View of the village, pre-war Tyneham Church, pre-war

View of Tyneham House, owned by the Bond family, pre-war

Houses in village, pre-war
1935 map of the Tyneham valley

The War Department Letter
In mid-November 1943 residents received an unexpected letter from a Major-General at the War Department. It read:

In order to give our troops the fullest opportunity to perfect their
training in the use of modern weapons of war, the Army must have an area
of land particularly suited to their special needs and in which they can
use live shells. For this reason you will realise the chosen area must
be cleared of all civilians.

The most careful search has been made to find an area suitable for the
army's purpose and which, at the same time, will involve the smallest
number of persons and property. The area decided on, after the most
careful study and consultation between all the Government Authorities
concerned, lies roughly inside of the square formed by EAST LULWORTH-

Then handwritten: including your properties - see overleaf
It is regretted that, in the National Interest, it is necessary to move
you from your homes, and everything possible will be done to help you,
both by payment of compensation, and by finding other accommodation for
you if you are unable to do so yourself.

The date on which the military will take over this area is the 19th
December next, and all civilians must be out of the area by that date.

A special office will be opened at Westport House, WAREHAM, on
Wednesday 17th November, and you will be able to get advice between
the hours of 10am and 7pm, from there on your personal problems and
difficulties. Any letters should be sent to that address also for
the present.

The Government appreciate that this is no small sacrifice which you
are asked to make, but they are sure that you will give this further
help towards winning the war with a good heart.

              Major-General i/c Administration
                 Southern Command

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